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15th May 2021 
About me. UKCP2

About me

I am a qualified, experienced counsellor and psychotherapist, with UKCP accreditation and a member of BACP. Over the past twelve years I have worked continuously with local authorities, charities, hospitals & mental health institutions, as well as the private sector.
Having established my private practice in 2009 I currently work in Richmond (TW9) from my private practice.

I deal with a broad range of issues and therapy clients including grief and bereavement, panic and anxiety attack, existential issues, life crisis and depression. I am particularly experienced in the areas of relationships, domestic violence, childhood abuse, low self-esteem, lost of identity, cultural issues, infertility, pregnancy struggles and new parenthood.

My Richmond practice is situated on the borders of Mortlake, North Sheen, East Sheen and Kew with easy reach to Barnes and Twickenham.

Prior to becoming a psychotherapist I worked for over 10 years in the corporate financial world and have experience of the demands and stresses experienced by people in the workplace.

My Brazilian background enables me to offer therapy in English or Portuguese.

Integrative Psychotherapy

My training is in Transpersonal and Integrative Psychotherapy. I choose to work integratively, which means bringing together many schools of thought such as Psychodynamic, Humanistic, Existential as well as the Transpersonal and is designed to engage you physically, emotionally, cognitively, interpersonally and spiritually. I offer the opportunity to work with creative materials in my sessions, which include the use of imaging, creative visualisation, reflection, meditation, subtle body work, story telling and discussions. My experience using creative materials like visualisation, prove to be effective with clients that experience trauma or abuse.

From this shared space, uninspected beliefs and deeply held bodily tensions can rise to the surface and be made conscious. This clears the way for a more authentic life where we are connected to the deepest part of others and ourselves and we can live in a more responsible and creative way.


•Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy - CCPE Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education

•Integrated Training Course: Domestic Violence Identifying, Understanding and Responding

•Certificate in the Foundations of Counselling & Psychotherapy - CCPE

•Postgraduate Diploma in Accountancy

•BA Hons in Economics

Accredited UKCP
Registered with Counselling Directory

About me. Pearl Shell

"A foreign object enters the shell, wounding it. The coarse sand hurts its flesh. The shell suffers. The shell attempts to expel the intruder and fails. The grain of sand settled. The pain can not be eliminated. Then the animal from the core of its nature, seeks the strength to transform suffering into triumph. Suffering and distress, their tears of sap arises in long process of inner growth, the pearl."

Elisabeth S. Lukas